Letter from Frank Hurst, President of Roadrunner Freight

Letter from Frank Hurst, President of Roadrunner Freight


This past week has been extraordinarily difficult for our nation and for all of us as we mourn the recent deaths of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor and countless others. These tragic deaths have inspired responses from communities across the United States, calling on us all to stand together against racism.

Racism, inequality and disrespect have no place at Roadrunner Freight. We are an organization that stands in support of our Black colleagues, customers, drivers, friends and neighbors. We stand strong with our partners as our nation rises up against racism and injustice.
We all need to make it our duty to educate ourselves and make a change in the way we move forward by speaking out when we recognize racism, fighting for equality and fostering healing. Our Employee Assistance Program can offer guidance during this difficult time, and we encourage our team members who are afraid, grieving or need somebody to talk to use these free resources.

You have our commitment that Roadrunner Freight will continue to strive for a better future. We will not tolerate inequality or look the other way when we encounter racism of any kind. It is time to step up and stand alongside our fellow Americans as we work every day to create meaningful change.

Frank Hurst
Roadrunner Freight

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