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Extra Mile


We'll go the extra mile for you!

R&M Transportation has been a part of the Omaha community for over 20 years. Our company believes in giving back to the community when called upon. We support various youth sports leagues in the metro area and lend a helping hand to neighborhoods in need.

In 2006 The Millard North High School Marching Band from Omaha was invited by Walt Disney World to march at The Magic Kingdom. The logistics of moving 200+ students, chaperones and the accompanying luggage, instruments, uniforms and equipment was quite a challenge for the school and travel coordinator. Having a niece and nephew in the band, R&M employee Melissa Potter brought the trip to the attention of Mike Sortino and Randy Williams who, with the assistance of McMullen Trucking provided a truck and trailer to transport everything (except the people of course) to Orlando. Melissa’s husband Pat, a part-time driver for R&M, drove the truck to Florida. By putting all the luggage, uniforms, etc. on the truck the band was able to get through the airports quickly and without the possibility of something getting lost by the airline.


Millard North HS Marching Band 2012 Walt Disney trip


The trip was an overwhelming success and was repeated in 2009 and again in April of 2012!

Millard North High School is extremely grateful to R&M and McMullen’s for their continued generosity in making these trips possible and look forward to doing it again in the future!

R&M has been donating food and gifts to area shelters during holiday seasons for many years. We have also come to the aid of Together, Inc. a homeless prevention agency and provided a trailer for storage of donated goods.

In December of 2010 we received a call from a woman that wanted to thank our driver Charles Parcell for saving her families Christmas. Charles was following her vehicle when the Christmas tree that was tied to the top of her vehicle slid off. Charles immediately stopped, retrieved the tree and helped the family. She told us that he saved her 4 year old son's Christmas.

When devastation set in on Joplin MO in late May of 2011, Randy once again pulled his team together and challenged them to find a way to make a difference. Together, with McMullen Trucking and one very dedicated driver William Newman, R&M provided transportation services for Kids Against Hunger. We transported the food they were going to prepare and distribute to the displaced people in Joplin. While this was being done a second R&M trailer was being loaded at Hy Vee in Omaha to further aid people.

We later received a call from a woman that was at the Methodist church in LaVista over a weekend doing some volunteer work and was talking to other volunteers. Another volunteer was telling her about the food and goods they had gathered for the relief effort in Joplin. She talked about the trucking company that had donated a tractor, trailer and driver to take these supplies to Joplin and how the driver had stayed to help out even after the trailer was empty. She wanted us to know that R & M was not forgotten in this effort and would remember our part and were thankful. She said it was nice to hear a good story about trucks and not just complaints.



The Extra Mile is also shown by the employee job performances:


In 2010 our operations manager Geno Cannon received the Nebraska Trucking Association Professional Service Award. 

Donald D. Anderson Jr. received the award from the Nebraska Trucking Association as the July 2011 Nebraska Driver of the Month.

Delbert L. Bruner received the award from the Nebraska Trucking Association as the September 2011 Nebraska Driver of the Month.