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Expedited Freight Systems

Our Services

EFS meets the next day service needs of our customers throughout the great lakes region with service centers in Kenosha, WI, Shawano, WI, Eau Claire, WI, Minneapolis, MN, South Bend, IN, Indianapolis, IN, Champaign, IL, Dayton, OH, Cleveland, OH and Lansing MI. Well-maintained, late model units provide reliable service whether you need 32 ft., 48 ft. or 53 ft. trailers. EFS also supplies straight trucks equipped with lift gates for special ground level delivery needs. 

Leading-Edge Customer Support Maintaining accurate billing, pick-up and delivery reports, shipment tracking and maintenance reports is easier with EFS’ state-of-the-art technology. Our customers also benefit from dynamic tracking data from all of our power units each equipped with satellite tracking systems. All this combines with our experienced, dedicated staff to provide on-time, efficient and reliable services including: