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About Bruenger Trucking


And it all grew out of a single load of apples

Fotolia_53325065_XS-time.jpg Bruenger Trucking got its start during the Great Depression when a hired hand decided to steal the pickup truck of dairy farmers Maurice and Leona Bruenger.

After the abandoned truck was later found in Virginia, Mr. Bruenger took the train up to retrieve it and drive it home to his Wellington, Kansas farm. But rather than drive it home empty, the budding entrepreneur filled up the bed with apples and brought them back to sell. That day a trucking company was born.

In 1938, Bruenger made a bet that he could haul bananas up to Wichita from the Standard Steamship Company in New Orleans. Before this, bananas had always been transported on cooled railroad cars. But Bruenger persisted and has been carrying bananas ever since. By 1951 the company got their first mechanically refrigerated trailer, a Thermo King.

Bruenger Trucking is proud to be part of the Roadrunner Transportation Systems family of companies since June of 2011. Together the RRTS companies provide a complete supply-chain solution for all our customers. RRTS believes in being true partners in solving all regional, national and global transportation and logistics challenges for our customers.