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Ground Expedite

Active On-Demand targets 100% coverage, on-time performance and visibility for clients’ North American ground expedite shipments at competitive market pricing. Our portal initiates a real-time bid (RFQ) to asset-based carriers, resulting in an average of 6 bids per shipment.

Air Charter

Active On-Demand boasts the largest on-demand cargo charter network of asset-based carriers in North America, including our own aircraft fleet, USA Jet Airlines. Since 1996, we have supported many of the world’s largest manufacturers using our proprietary spot bid portal to connect our clients and carriers.

International Airfreight

Active On-Demand’s portal immediately connects clients with numerous International forwarders, providing spot market pricing for your global supply chain expedite requirement. Whether you’re making your decision based on cost or timing, we’ll find the global solution that supports your logistical needs.

Hand Carry

Active On-Demand offers hand carry services worldwide through dedicated professionals who maintain constant contact with our clients’ cargo. All couriers are TSA certified and available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Active On-Demand Customer Service offices are located in Belleville, MI at Willow Run Airport (HQ) and Aguascalientes, Mexico. These key locations allow Active On-Demand to streamline all expedite transportation services for our clients.

Last year, Active On-Demand managed over 170,000,000 miles of expedited ground and air transportation.


Belleville, MI
Aguascalientes, AGU, México

Belleville, MI

Address 2068 E Street Belleville, Michigan 48111

Main 734.547.7200


Aguascalientes, AGU, México

Address Avenida Aguascalientes sur # 2729 3 Piso
Fraccionamiento Jardines de las Fuentes
Aguascalientes, Aguascalientes México CP 20278

Main 800.999.9263 (from México) 011.52.449.910.6800 (from USA)

Ground Expedite


Active On-Demand helps our clients find the right vehicle in the right place at the right time for the right price. Because our procurement system operates in full view of our clients, you’ll know exactly what you’re getting for every dollar you spend on expedited services with Active On-Demand. There’s nothing we do that you can’t see and approve. That way, Active On-Demand manages your expedite shipment without you giving up control.

Through Active On-Demand’s proprietary spot-bid technology, the first carrier bid is generally received within 2 minutes with an average of over 6 bids per shipment total, quickly locating the most efficient solutions for you based on timing, price, and carrier quality. Shipment milestones are proactively managed by Active On-Demand’s Customer Service Problem Solving Agents from RFQ through POD to ensure on-time delivery. The Active On-Demand portal provides complete shipment visibility by continually refreshing data for real-time status updates. Full shipment details are also available via the portal, ActiveTrack™ links and the Active On-Demand mobile app.

Air Charter

With more resources than any competitor, Active On-Demand offers the industry’s fastest, most reliable, cost-effective on-demand cargo air charter service. Through the Active On-Demand portal, you can expect to have more asset-based carriers competing for your shipment, providing the benefit of lower pricing and greater flexibility. You also have visibility to see every bid, allowing you to make the best sourcing decision for your business. Active On-Demand’s bid portal solution is back by a fleet of controlled assets, USA Jet Airlines, retained for contracted customers during peak periods of constrained capacity.

Active On-Demand’s elite Customer Service team has managed charters across six continents. Whether you need to charter cargo from Detroit to Laredo or from London to Sydney, Active On-Demand’s skilled Customer Service Problem Solving Agents are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to manage this most critical mode of transportation for you.

International Airfreight

Whether your needs are door-to-door, airport-to-door, or any combination thereof, you can confidently procure world class service and maintain cost effectiveness through the Active On-Demand portal. Active On-Demand partners with multiple Forwarders who competitively bid on unscheduled International Airfreight expedites providing fast, dependable solutions.

Our experienced Customer Service Problem Solving Agents ensure that once a Forwarder is selected your shipment stays on schedule by monitoring and managing key milestone updates within the portal. You can stay updated on the progress by viewing the shipment in the portal, receiving automated milestone email alerts and/or tracking through Active On-Demand’s mobile app.

Hand Carry

Moving freight quickly across or between continents can be a significant challenge. From initial packaging to customs clearance to final delivery, clients are faced with knowing complicated international regulations, individual baggage restrictions, ever changing airline schedules and much more.

Active On-Demand alleviates these hurdles by offering hand carry (on-board courier) services utilizing dedicated TSA certified professionals who maintain constant contact with the client’s cargo. These couriers continuously communicate updates regarding their position and status into the Active On-Demand portal, providing clients with peace of mind knowing key milestones are being met. Active On-Demand’s hand carry service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, seamlessly delivering on time, every time.

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Active On-Demand Home Office


2068 E Street
Belleville, Michigan 48111


(734) 547-7200

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