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​Integrated Solutions

In addition to the business service segmeFotolia_51690916_XS.jpgnts, Roadrunner Transportation Systems has a team of professionals dedicated to engineering and implementing comprehensive, multi-mode supply chain solutions.

Comprised of experienced supply-chain experts and data analysts, the Integrated Solutions team takes on large scale, multi-service supply-chain analysis.

The goal of Roadrunner Integrated Solutions is to align all available capacity and capabilities with the customer's business needs. Taking advantage of the full suite of transportation services available in the marketplace, Roadrunner Integrated Solutions aims to provide the most efficient customer-specific solution possible. Rather than offering a single pre-set solution to meet RRTS' own agenda, Integrated Solutions focuses on customers' individual supply-chain objectives, challenges, and future operational goals.

Taking a consultative approach, Integrated Solutions assesses service options available through RRTS companies and in the industry as a whole, and works out the right supply-chain solution for customers. If a Roadrunner company does not offer the specific service needed, Integrated Solutions' third-party logistics capabilities will procure non-RRTS services to meet customer requirements. Customers in need of assistance can outsource some or all of their supply-chain needs to Roadrunner Integrated Solutions and be assured of reliable service.

​​Roadrunner Integrated Solutions - Driving Savings and Efficiency

Our Integrated Solutions team recently conducted a supply chain analysis which will save the company almost 30% ($296,000) on a $1M annual transportation expense.  Every company should review their supply-chain every 18 mo. -2 yrs. Rates, processes, & technologies change.

There are many ways to save:

  • Reduce shipping time
  • Reduce inventory levels & improve visibility
  • Reduce space needed to maintain inventory
  • Reduce per mile costs
  • Improve shipment visibility - anywhere in the world
  • Reduce penalties/fees from retailers: - outsource to retailer compliance experts who offer delivery guarantees
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