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Roadrunner CustomsComplete

CustomsComplete is a worldwide, professional customs brokerage service which focuses on speed, accuracy, and compliance. Marisol International, a Roadrunner Transportation Systems company, is a Licensed Customs Broker with significant expertise in regards to customs procedures, international trade regulations, and free trade agreements. Together, Roadrunner and Marisol International are proud to offer Roadrunner CustomsComplete.

How does Roadrunner CustomsComplete work?

CustomsComplete produces a streamlined and simplified approach to handling your customs business. Your customs entry is expedited due to Marisol’s designation as the customs broker and notify party on the bill of lading. This designation allows Marisol to act on your behalf, accelerating the customs process. The customer is responsible for tendering the commercial documents to Marisol so that Marisol can prepare the customs entry before the shipment arrives. Once the entry is submitted to customs, Marisol International monitors for any customs holds or exams, watching for the final release. Throughout the customs clearance process, Marisol’s team of logistics professionals will provide key updates and communicate any delays immediately. Contact a Global Solutions expert to learn more.

Who is Marisol International?

Marisol International joined the Roadrunner network of companies in July 2013. Roadrunner was excited to add their expertise to our suite of services due to the exceptional level of international trade expertise and customer service. Marisol specializes in air and ocean freight forwarding, customs brokerage, cargo insurance, customs bonds, duty drawback and reconciliation.