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SelectedI have a question or problem, who do I contact?
NormalHow do I reset my password?
NormalHow does a Freight customer sign up for Deals of the Day emails?
NormalWhere do I find Web Service (API) Documentation?
NormalHow do I save or update a BOL address?
NormalHow do I save a BOL commodity?
NormalHow do I save LTL Rate Quote Templates?
NormalWho do I contact at Service Center to manually set-up a Pickup?
NormalHow do I subscribe to Report emails?
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I have a question or problem, who do I contact?
  • If you need assistance with your user account or resetting your password for, contact CMFcustmaster​​​
  • ​To contact EDI support:​​
  • To contact Help Desk for Support & Feedback:​​
    Please also use to report any issues with the Roadrunner website or other website related feedback.

  • FreightFreight Locations Contacts
    • De​​​als​ of the Day:  (855) 776-3567
    • ​​Freight/Volume Quotes (20 lineal feet or less): (855) 776-3567
    • Claims: (800) 831-4394

  • ​Truckload:
    • Full Truckload Quotes (over 20 lineal feet): (888) 350-7337
    • Truckload Claims:  Please contact the carrier directly.  
      Click here​ to find all our Truckload companies and their contact information.​

  • Roadrunner Transportation Systems, Inc.
    Corporate Contact Information
    1431 Opus Place, Ste 530
    Downers Grove, IL  60515

    Main: (414) 615-1500
    Toll Free: (800) 831-4394​
    Fax: (414) 615-1513​​